Prof Richard Dawkins told us :"Thou shalt not kill actually means Thou shalt not kill a fellow Jew" ( The God Delusion). That's not a benign outlook. I feel the Palestinians are like the proverbial toad beneath the harrow. Horrible, too gruesome..

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My suggestions is that the Israeli Jews who in modern times were not native to the area and who are colonizers should all move to the Sinai Desert where they can set up their own state. The Palestinians who are currently residents and the refugees would be given back there homes and form a Palestinian state in what is currently Gaza, Israel and the Westt Bank. What do you think of that?

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Please tell me clearly; I think the most articulate are in Jew York .

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This action by Israel cannot be deemed a war because of the massive differences between the Israelis military against defenseless civilians who cannot fight back. This is a slaughter by Israel and massive crimes against humanity. I’m so appalled that that most of the world doesn’t give a damn how many innocent civilians are being killed and especially children. Good lord almost 4,000 children have been killed and who knows how many lay underneath the rubble?

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The dates in this piece by JSO coincides with the dates of Hamas creation by US. The strategy thinkers for greed are the hidden perpetrators.

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Israel, with US assistance, is once again running roughshod over international law and common decency. Not only with massacres but also with the most despicable aggression in diplomatic circles, and in media interviews. The latter two 'games' are entirely under the control of people, who could block these israeli charades and fairytales, but short of Ireland, South Africa, and Turkey, there is paralysis around the globe, to at least condemn the current genocide of the Palestinian people, in both Gaza and the westbank! Israel used the world 's attention on their main crimes in Gaza to arrest 5000 Palestinians in the west bank and dump them in prisons, and kill over 100 people in raids on the remains of what was the west bank!

Their criminality is bottomless, their cruelty unfathomable, and their racist supremacy position akin to the Nazis.

It must not be allowed that these greedy fascists get their way, and cleanse ruthlessly by bombing an entire nation out of existence! Stop the terrorists in Tel Aviv! Palestine must be free!

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Thanks for posting this. Yes I am familiar with Gabor Mate and have listened to several talks over the last couple of years or so. I haven't listened to that particular one but I did see him recently speaking to camera on his background and how he feels about Israel. There are probably millions of Jews across the world who are proper Jews as it were, who are whole heartedly against the Zionist regime of Israel. We have a very vocal group in this country (UK), Jewish Voice for LABOUR, many of whom have been thrown out of the Labour Party for being 'self-hating Jews! The most absurd example of name-calling I've ever heard. I also recently came across Albert Einstein's words on Israel in the early 50s. He was offered the Presidency of Israel in 1952 which of course he refused, being a pacifist, and did not hold back on his views of Israel as a fascist Zionist state which should never ever have been formed and would only lead to immense suffering, as we see today. I'll check out the Gabor Mate dialogue

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and what part of Egypt is Palestine?


where are the makers of peace

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You can't stop a legitimate pro gangster, can you? So just let him do what he's gotta do, a legitimate genocide, no matter how unfair it is in your eyes!

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No major power is going to do anything, unless something totally unpredictable happens. Palestinians have been abandoned long ago.

As soon as Israel steals Gaza's gas reserves, a massive whitewashing campaign will be put in place and they will be "rehabilitated".

Some people say History won't treat kindly the enablers of ethnic cleansing / genocide. Well, f*ck History. The victims and perpetrators will be dead already.

We are already living in a dystopia. Where are Kaneda and Kei?

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The profound cause of this genocide is US backing for Israel, or say the NATO - CIA Combo.

Israeli goods must be boycotted.

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"Craig Mokhiber, the now-former director of the UN's human rights office in New York, has resigned with a withering blast at the governments of the UK, US and other countries who are enabling Israel's 'text-book case of genocide' against Palestinian civilians in Gaza.

And he followed up his resignation with a condemnation of the 'decades of impunity' given by the international community to an Israeli state that flouts international law and is now engaged in genocide." (Skwawkbox)

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This was found to be a matter of fact during the Israeli Prime Minister Nethanyahu's visit to Ukraine in August. There was an anonymous senior official from Nethanyahus entourage that Israel negotiated with countries in the Middle East and Europe for the last year their willingness to take people from Gaza.

Israel would be responsible for the cost of migration and would also open an airport in Israel. For the time being, none of the countries that have been addressed have been allowed to take part. Aida Touma-Sliman, a member of the Knesset (Israeli Parliament), called the initiative as an ethnic cleansing.

The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu also mentioned that he is planning a new large-scale military operation in Gaza. An action that would undoubtedly have more people on the run.

The number of Palestinians that asylum applied for in Belgium was laid down until 2015 very. A few dozen a year. In 2018 12018 st, Palestinians had a strong height and served on a highest number of asylum applications in 2421 nd requests (not to be counted with no followers). This year they are provisionally applicable to number one for the first six months of this year for the first six months. They're being followed in the numbers on the foot by Syrians and Afghans.

It is particularly about people coming from Gaza Strip, but many are also coming from the wider region. It is then, for example, Palestinians who were recently established in Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt or Saudi Arabia or the Gulf states, Dirk Van den Bulck, commissioner general for refugees and the stateless persons (CGVS).

In a lot of Gulf states, strangers get the harder ", Dirk Van den Bulck. For example, because the preference is given to its own nationals, which is less employment, or because their stay in those countries is being asked.'

The situation in the country of origin makes people leave, "said the word bull. In the case of Gaza, sometimes the length of problems that give the impact. Others are running away from persecution and others leaving to find a future. Another ununderestimated factor is that the Gaza Strip has been as good as completely closed

That Rafah is open, in December, in December, for a policy change in the CGVS: Residents of Gaza were automatically asylum, because they could not possibly return. Now, back in theory, it is possible and their case - by - case case - by - case is being considered.

At the same time Israel is doing everything to get Palestinians out of the Gaza Strip. Not only with the blockade that Israel has been exercising for 12 years on Gaza Strip, but also with more active efforts.

veiligheid en een leven nodig’

Dat bleek tijdens het staatsbezoek van de Israëlische premier Nethanyahu aan Oekraïne in augustus. Daar verklaarde een anonieme hoge ambtenaar uit Nethanyahus entourage dat Israël het voorbije jaar met landen in het Midden-Oosten en Europa onderhandelde over hun bereidheid om mensen uit Gaza op te nemen.

Israël zou daarbij instaan voor de kosten van de migratie en zou er ook een luchthaven in Israël voor openstellen. Voorlopig hapte geen van de aangesproken landen toe. Aida Touma-Sliman, lid van de Knesset (het Israëlische parlement), bestempelde het initiatief als etnische zuivering.

De Israëlische premier Benjamin Netanyahu vermeldde tijdens hetzelfde bezoek ook dat hij een nieuwe grootschalige militaire operatie in Gaza plant. Een actie die ongetwijfeld nog meer inwoners op de vlucht zou doen slaan.

That more Palestinians come here, for state Secretary Theo Francken, the reason for introducing the asylum quota. It was hoping to discourage Palestinian people's own People S smuggling networks.

De nieuwe staatssecretaris laat onderzoeken of ze de status van erkende vluchtelingen uit Gaza niet kan laten opheffen, al is dat weinig realistisch.

Het quotum past bij de algemene tendens van het huidige asielbeleid: de nadruk komt steeds meer te liggen op het ontraden en weren van mensen op de vlucht in plaats van op bescherming. Daarbij blijft het niet enkel bij een populistisch discours, maar zien we ook steeds meer maatregelen, beleidsbeslissingen en wetten die het vluchtelingen steeds moeilijker maken (zie tijdlijn hieronder). Soms zijn zulke maatregelen niet eens legaal. Zo was ook het asielquotum volgens de Raad van State een onwettige maatregel.

Toen Maggie De Block (Open Vld) in december de fakkel overnam van Theo Francken, schafte ze het quotum af. ‘Het beleid moet weer menselijk worden’, verklaarde ze daarbij.

Toch zette ook de nieuwe staatssecretaris de ontradingscampagne tegenover Palestijnen onverminderd verder. Daarbij maakte ze gebruik van de beleidswijziging bij het CGVS om het Commissariaat-Generaal te laten onderzoeken of de status van erkende vluchtelingen uit Gaza niet kon worden opgeheven.

The first sight looks like symbol politics. Because although legally it is possible, it is very realistic that the status of approved refugees from Gaza is shortly being terminated. But for approved refugees, such an announcement can create the feeling that the sword of Damocles is hanging over the head.

Het staat ook haaks op de integratiekansen’, zegt professor migratierecht Ellen Desmet van de UGent. ‘Er zit een spanning in het beleid: enerzijds moeten mensen allerlei verplichte inspanningen leveren om te integreren, maar anderzijds wordt hun verblijfsrecht onzeker gemaakt.’

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In my 72 years, I have never felt the hate I now feel towards Israel and its psychopath leader Netanyahu and NEVER before have I felt regret that I had brought into this world six beautiful children.But now I have such angst that the world has become a place where a beautiful Palestinian people can be so let down and I see nothing but evil in the Western world.Evil men without balls that can watch helpless men,women and children pushed around and massacred.I will never feel the same again.I am so ashamed and so angry that we have evolved into a species that glorifies this wicked state of Israel.

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The Zionists are increasingly saying the quiet part out loud over more recent decades from the suggestion by Herzl in 1895 to "quietly and inconspicuously spirit away the poor to neighbouring countries" (The propertied Palestinians were welcome to stay. How very generous of him)

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