Hi Jonathan, thanks for writting about this. Agree on the broader point that discussion should not ne censored / suppressed. But I would like to point out:

Vaccine immunity is qualitatively the same than if you get the virus. It is thus nothing not natural about the way your body reacts to and remembers the antigen

The illness does provide a better immunity because is almost always involves a higher viral load and a higher number of memory cells being stored. Nothing new there

The cost-benefit of the vaccine vs illness is orders of magnitude in favor of the vaccine. It is the best way to herd immunity if we are interested in saving lives

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Hi Joseph. Would you mind substantiating your assertions with some sources?

Especially on the cost/benefit analysis, the data from public health England in their variants of concern technical briefings (delta variant, table 5) clearly show something different than what you state.

The case fatality rate overall and for people under 50 in particular is higher for the fully vaccinated than the unvaccinated.

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No T or B cell response from Vax. Israeli paper shows naturally acquired immunity 13x superior than vax. In fact, Israeli infection curve is probative evidence that the vax does not work.

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