Bravo.well stated,

, what a scam on the British public! My family was caravanning in England on the Queens Silver Anniversary.

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Brilliant Jonathan.

I am a subscriber but you don’t seem to recognise that!

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Thank you, Brother Jonathan!

Monarchies are a fossilized artifact of dead empires. It's amazing the British version has lasted so long, but you afforded us a perspective on this topic which points to its continuing usefulness to the successor US empire. It will be interesting indeed to see how the "Establishment" packages the successor monarch, especially the "Green New Deal" thing -- which the Corporate States of the planet obviously have no real interest in implementing at any time -- before, now or ever. Brainwashing their respective publics into thinking that something actually is "being done" about the causes of climate change is their only "deal" - as they continue their global plunder. But when the fire and the floods come for *them*, there won't be any hiding behind any royal soap operas.

Thanks again for your incisive insights, and critical thought - as you have stated, exactly what is needed, especially at the times when our silence is most vigorously demanded by those most desperate to maintain the status quo façade.

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Oh so true so true! Not my Queen! Let us not forget Julian Assange! She could have stepped in and ended his endless torture at any time but did exactly what a good queen DOES, be oh so much a better (royal) person and DID NOTHING! I mean royalty puts them so much higher in their status between us the riff-raff and those who have such a higher standard THAT THEY CAN KILL MILLIONS AND GET AWAY WITH IT! Yes now is the time to again just look the other way while they bolster their ramparts to start yet again! Thanks Johnathan as always the clear path through the bullshit!

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What a passionate plea for removing the scales on one’s eyes! That’s a lovely essay.

U.S. elites have in the past lamented our lack of a titular leader, someone to help the austerity and injustice medicine go down without regurgitation. And those same characters argued that American politics is more civil and constrained than the British version. Yeah, right.

If the winds of paradigm shifting change are in the offing, I fully expect the British to sense it before the American sheeple. But then again, if a moderate Jeremy Corbyn platform can be cast as radical, perhaps my gaze should shift to France or Switzerland.

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Thanks for your Newsletter about the Queen’s demise, Jonathan. Your take on the bizarre over-reaction to this event is sane and humane, speaking up about the things which really matter in the world right now.

I don’t feel such a heretic now!

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Sep 9, 2022·edited Sep 9, 2022

The sanctimonious, platitudinous eulogies on social media have been in parts soul destroying and hilarious in their banality.

The comments I find most fascinating are the "She was such a lovely woman" ,"Her majesty was amazing" variety.

My response has been, "Really? Did you know the woman personally."

It's the mother of all parasocial relationships. Celebrities' personas are manicured and polished for public relations purposes as a matter of course

And whereas other royals may fall out of favour with the press, Mrs Winsor was untouchable. She always had the full force of the establishment to project just how bloody wonderful she was.

People allowing themselves to be starstruck and participating in a parasocial relationship with the queen is kind of understandable. The lack of understanding just what Britain was and is, as stated in the article, is infuriating.

As queen, Mrs Winsor signed death sentences for Jamaicans who were subsequently hung.

There is bloody on her lily white kid gloves.

The fortune she inherited and prospered from was founded on slavery and colonial barbarism.

For two thirds of her reign, her majesty's government has imposed harmful neoliberal economic policies. I have no doubt that Mrs Winsor has benefitted greatly from investments in companies whose practices have caused great harm.

But then again, when you have the full weight of the Establishment to whitewash history, it's not that surprising that people are outraged when one tries to explain what was going on behind the curtain.

She was not a wonderful person. If she was not egregious in her actions and thoughts, she was at the very least as flawed and as fallible as the rest of us. She passed away like all old people are eventually wont to do.

Which begs the question, why has she and her family been singled out for privileged treatment?

Charles ought to undertake the dissolution of the monarchy and be the last king.

I'll not be holding my breath though.

Thanks as always, Christopher, for speaking truth to power.

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your numinous exegesis, jonathan, has made today worth acknowledging. i'm sanguine that justice, integrity, honour, nobility, equitability, and equiponderence can eventually reign when our esurient, self-bloated, 'de-haut-en-bas' tartuffes who delude themselves they are 'leaders of the free world' are finally willing to absorb, or are compelled to absorb, your argutely transcendent words.

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I’ve been living in Australia since the early 70z and my own decolonising has led me to these same conclusions with an unwrapping of the ongoing empire in its current masks of delusion and obfuscation! Great article and hope you read my offering earlier this morning!

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As Queen Elizabeth lay dying the elephants crowded the room. What were they doing here In this sacred bedchamber?

In this secular world of rationality and logic, law and order what leads to non stop all day TV coverage, endless commentaries and personal comments, public grief and rolling historical replays?

What does all this say about what royalty is about, what it represents within British, European and World nations, in national psyches.

Why is this drama being played in these ways in this pivotal moment of global systemic collapse and transformation of climatic patterns, effecting political economic social spiritual psychological tectonic plate shifts of human consciousness. Aha, gotcha ! All part of it or distraction and obfuscation?

Conflating the admirable qualities of Her Majesty’s character with her inherited role of Queen of the British Empire becoming the Commonwealth is where we need to start in unpacking the media scrum around this magic moment. It’s one of those time gauges marking the empire’s memories of the deaths of humen god figures, mainly male gender but read gender neutral) made Gods. ThinkLady Di, think John F. Kennedy, think WINSTON Churchill,.. fill in your own dots… Nelson Mandela, Janis Joplin, John Lennon. Stephen Hawkins, Julius Caesar.

Her Majesty has been deified from birth; she has no dark side that we know of, only magnificent dutiful selflessness! But as we see more clearly today after all the 24 hour coverage it came with with a sense of fun and family.

She holds the Empire together still!

The awe expressed for this mere mortal woman is admirable but is it inappropriately placed? Isn’t it time we human beings woke up to the fact that the systems, (think vehicles to move around our daily needs) we have created for our Selves no longer serves those needs? These systems are not Nature’s Systems but part of human nature made vehicular!

The Monarchy arose from the Pharonic System of Egypt in which Pharoah was a descendant of God or the Gods!

If we penetrate the Coronation Ceremony, this is the echoing resonance of Ancient Egypt.

So what we are seeing in the widespread grief and sorrow is the loss not only of Queen Elizabeth as loyal dutiful servant of that system but the death of that Pharonic system of Gods made man! The God like nature of the Monarch leads the people!

Today human consciousness has evolved and with developing our thinking we can access Knowledge with which to shape our vehicles!

Queen Elizabeth 11 was a figure who revealed the struggle between the heart and the head! The Brits have always been known to have problems showing emotion and Emotions and feelings are confused. We saw this clearly with the death of Lady Di when the Queen was accused of inadequate emotion! Repress emotion to maintain order and control!

And so this outpouring is the clearing of the way, cleaning out the cobwebs of Monarchy to make way for the long prepared flatter leadership structure, already practiced in many communities and cultures throughout the world, in which citizen assemblies, local state and regional governments take and hold their own power, developing vehicles of governance by the people not the Gods; by and for people who cannot be corrupted, live totally into the duty and responsibility of positions they hold, distributing wealth and resources for the whole body politic, conscious of the fragility of Life itself! And our vehicles need to be electrified with this energy coming from the ground up as well as descending from the skies!

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Re: Courageous speech by one African, Julius Malema, who speaks the truth.

As one coffin closes on the British Empire, the lid of Pandora’s box is courageously lifted, and the cruelties perpetrated against humanity, by inhumanity, during the course of an horrendous, ignominious span of history, are finally revealed.

If truth be told, why not by those who were directly impacted; suffering slavery, rape and pillage; and perishing by the brutal genocidal acts inflicted upon them, without conscience.

If not now, when? 

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How true! Now is the time to pursue the Claim of Right and simply leave the union.

Just as Charles has sworn an oath on it and reaffirmed its legality!

Perhaps INDEPENDENCE is his wish too!

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Jonathan, I’ve subscribed for a year to your newsletter but the standard of your work appears to have changed, it’s become far more belligerent. I truly believe in free speech and your right to an opinion. I think I’m anti monarchy and would like an elected head of state, but not anyone from politics, more like Simon Western or Tanni Grey Thompson, people who have overcome adversity and have a lifetimes experience of oppression and truly understand the British Psyche, However watching “King Charles”, who must be knackered by now. His Mum has just died and each day he has to attend another bloody ceremonial event. I believe he throughly deserves the honour of King, He has waited 73 years for his mother to die, before he has a recognised role in life, he knows there is a need for a slimmed down monarchy and is prepared to jettison the hangers on. He was ahead of his time on the Environment, Climate Change, & opportunities for socially excluded young people. His charities were all successful due to his personal interest in everyone of them. Even the flowers laid, park keepers have been working overnight to lay them in St James park where they will compost rather than be cleared as litter after the funeral. I worked for Princes Trust Leadership programme for 5 years and witnessed the personal development at every stage of the programme, One girl with a disability, she had Rayners disease which meant no hands, just forked appendages, had just left the care system and placed in a council flat where she was totally unprepared for independent living was so successful, in the last stage of the Leadership course to deliver a speech after a meal and awards, dressed in a ball gowns rather than her usual hoodie, dedicated her success to me, I have never been so proud of the work accomplished with Princes Trust. It doesn’t worry me he received £1million in plastic carrier bags for his trust. It was unusual but declared in the normal way. More of the same would suit me, I don’t worry who gives as long as there’s no strings attached.

I believe I’m a Socialist, I totally believed in both Corbyn’s 2017/19 manifestos & the hope for a better society he envisioned. Devastated at the Labour Centrist & Right Wing shenanigans, fraud & racism #Fordereport The British population have no understanding of Socialism, my son age 36 said all his friends told by MSM Socialism bad, but they didn’t have a clue what it was. Community education on Socialism should be supported by Labour Party, but sadly they don’t stand for that anymore. So what do we do Jonathan, reject everything or try & work with a King who is as woke as fuck, just like me?

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