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Israel is a criminal, apartheid state and always has been. The shameless hysteria that conflates criticism of that dirty ward of The Exceptionalist Empire with anti-semitism is purest rot of the poisonous variety that was marshalled by the pathetic, cringing lapdog Britain's establishment has become to crucify Jeremy Corbyn.

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Campuses, you say?

"I listened carefully to the voices of pro-Palestine advocates and others who sought a recommendation that the use of the IHRA definition by NUS cease. I was provided with a wealth of academic articles and opinions on the topic which I read. The central criticism of the IHRA definition is that it improperly conflates criticism of Israel with antisemitism.

"I have not found any examples within the NUS of the IHRA definition being misused in this manner, and in fact the majority of instances of antisemitism within NUS that I have reviewed would be categorized as such whether the IHRA or JDA definitions were used as the relevant yardstick."

"The IHRA definition is further said to have a “chilling effect” in preventing advocacy for Palestine because activists fear being accused of antisemitism. This of course is very difficult to measure as it is all but impossible to prove a negative. I did not find that these concerns were such that they should outweigh the fact that NUS conference voted on accepting the IHRA definition and that this is the NUS

supreme decision making body. Also of key importance is that the culture of NUS over many decades has been to permit ‘oppressed groups’ to define the terms of their oppression and that Jewish groups are overwhelmingly in favour of utilisation of the IHRA definition."


Unlike the Jewish Voice for Labour, Ms. Tuck is an impartial investigator and not an advocacy organization. Now let's hear it from a Palestinian:

"Antisemitism plagues every part of the NUS.... As a Palestinian, I find it deeply offensive that support for Palestinian human rights is being used to mask blatant antisemitism. The conflation between the conflict in Israel-Palestine and British Jews must stop. Our Jewish students cannot be made to feel responsible for a conflict that is being waged thousands of miles away. They cannot be made to feel unsafe, as they are hounded and targeted at our university. Instead, we must listen to them and act on their concerns. The advocation of Palestinian rights and valid criticism of the Israeli government should never lead to or justify racism against Jewish students in Britain. As an NUS delegate and a Palestinian, I feel very strongly about this."


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A great appraisal, thank you, more of this.

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Spot on,Paul Edwards.Totally agree.Israel has no shame and is tarnishing the good name of Jews everywhere.A lawless state commiting atrocities against Palestinians and the international community looks on so afraid of being called antisemitic.Shame on everyone who is allowing Israel to get away with their totally criminal activities.

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Israel is a criminal entity with many influential corrupt sponsors. The dirty little project steals everything Palestinian and at the same time incites deep seated hatred and fuels antisemitism by attempting to smear critics.

Palestinians pay with blood and tears while decent Jews block their ears and for fear of being branded self hating Jews.

The Holocaust industry have been alive and kicking for decades and will continue long as decent Jews don’t step up to say “ not in my name”

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Anti-Semitism has been an indelible stain on the Christian world for millennia but the corruption and perversion of efforts to minimize that blight have become a moral blight as well, one all too similar to the original sin. The anti-Islamic movement spearheaded by Zionists worldwide and their enablers is all too similar to anti-Semitism. Its victims: students, teachers, and even politicians such as Jeremy Corbin, are as deserving of our support and protection as are real victims of anti-Semitism. Those who pervert efforts to curb anti-Semitism for their own political and geopolitical ends and who in fact, engage in tactics reminiscent of those used by the Nazis against the Jews deserve to be treated no differently than they were and are.

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Thank you, Jonathan Cook, for another beautifully-argued and excellently-written analysis. Couldn't agree more with you about Starmer and his Labor acolytes. Despicable people, the lot of them.

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Where is the ADL or Israel gov when Canada honors Nazi SS?

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