It's astonishing, and none of these "skeptics" will ever admit their ignorance, even when their hats float in the rising seas! We are very probably at the stage where it matters little. Next summer's heat should be even greater, by far, with El Nino in the works. Tipping point, here we come...

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"Like many others, she correctly understands the political implications of a climate crisis: it means free-market capitalism must be abandoned."

It's Been Twenty Years Since Joel Kovel told it like it was, and still is, in spades


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I was also surprised at the traction that this “rebuttal” achieved amongst people that I would not imagine would hold those views. I found your piece informative and accurate with many debating points. I did not find your argument fitting in with the “orthodoxy” although there are certain strands contained within it that Capitalists are exploiting. Capitalists will do what Capitalists do but there is no doubt that you are not part of that disease.

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The deck chairs, however, are becoming more and more uncomfortable. I agree that reasonable things still CAN be done, but that reversing, or even halting the (now) inevitable is not a realistic goal. "Save as many as you can" - a quote from that outlandish movie - might better describe a good strategy.

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Wow... Great analogy the universe's singularity, expansion than theorized collapse to us humans here on this wee plant called earth. Its kinda like reverse anthropomorphizing. The universe being the living entity and pondering us in its image. Singularity, expansion than collapse. I'm honna get my bag of popcorn sit back and enjoy the show. Byyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?

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The longer we don't act to reverse from tipping points ect, then when it tips we will be forced to act rapidly to survive and it will be triage, cruel and brutal measures with no choices to soften the blow, if we can wake up and correct our course, then it is all the more time to try to do it with compassion and justice for all. As you say, the climate balance and multitude of systems balancing and the inexorable momentums that are rolling, will not care how we feel or suffer, we can act for our sake of own communal survival as needs be, not profit stakeholders allow. By acting we embrace changes for better all around and responsibility for each other in the world we're stuck on to share. Its usually best to avoid slander and insencere gasslighting, its tiresome and you only fuel its fire, and yes life is too short. But now and again it is useful to expose it for others who may be getting slapped silly by its fake arguements and misrepesentation. I shared your previous article and support what you argued. Cheers Jonathan

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I value most of your writing, but find this a very weak response to a thorough and convincing 'rebuttal' article by the always-perceptive Mr Shoniwa.

Why so many people - yourself apparently included - seem so surprised that 'traction' can be gained by such a powerful dissection of your own 'hot air' on this topic is a mystery to me.

I think you've been shocked to the extent that you felt duty-bound to offer a response. But you engage with so few of the specific points made that it hardly constitutes a 'response' at all. It's just a thinly disguised justification for maintaining your existing position: a steadfast refusal to engage properly with any of the sound counter-arguments (as articulated so strongly in Lindzen and Happer's paper, for example); and a determination to keep singing the same tune as the one being shrilly sung by the likes of Monbiot and his fellow alarmists ,while your fingers remain firmly planted in your ears.

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This video (warning, strong language) raised a smile.


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Great work Jonathan trying to navigatge the two sides of the growing delusion and madness stemming from homo "sapiens" insatiable desire to have their earthcake and eat it too.

The finger pointing and general madness will continute to increase all around until humans come to grips with the fact that we cannot expand exponentially (to infinity and beyond!) on a finite planet.

But our strong monkey natures, magnified by capitalism, means it is unlikely we will voluntarily accept this inevitable conclusion in time to turn the Titanic around. The short term pain and confusion seem too much for populations raised on the notion that the self is the center of the universe and personal gratification is the meaning of existence.

The only "hope" I see for an escape from this bleak future is if when the pain of denying this basic reality becomes greater than the pain of accepting it, humans stop trying to impress eachother with empty materialism and accept limits to human expansion, and rediscover genuine sources of peace and happiness, connecting with and supporting eachother.

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As always, you work toward truth rather than adopting a biased opinion, and then articulate one that is evidence based. No one, regardless of ignorance or stupidity, disputes rain or darkness, or any form of pragmatic evidence but those who have a faith or mania to defend. The issue in this case is the vicious, unmitigated evil of psychopathic Capitalism that is mindlessly destroying the basis of life on earth. Those who deny what is obvious, worldwide, are cheerleaders for extinction.

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I am struck by the volumes of verbiage arguing that our conclusions regarding the rapidly changing environment are the sum of fabrications and alarmist propaganda. Just as the rebuttal to Jonathan’s original piece can point to an overlap or a shared perspective with some of a liberal orthodoxy, the rebuttal’s lawyerly argument is at the core of a corporatist / libertarian agenda.

I guess the point is that ideology predetermines our worldview to an extent that many only see the truths that confirm their biases, and leave other truths “pending”.

This sounds like the rebuttal author seeks to litigate the standing of any and all claims of consensus. A pedantic STFU! Turgidity masked as diligence.

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Nonsense. The models you speak of back in the 1950s all proved to be WRONG lol. You didn't know that?? Their predictions of warming have been way overblown, and the best prediction of the future is reading the facts of the past.

Yep, the planet is back on a natural warming trend, of course, but at ever so gradual a rate that it will not have any consequence whatsoever until several hundred years go by. This is what Ms Curry accurately sees and explains: We do need to innovate, sure. But we have time!

A lot of it.

Why can't you allow natural innovation to happen, over time, as is simple human nature? Without the unnecessary fixating and fearmongering ?

This is not rocket science.

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Thank you, Jonathan, for this cogent rebuttal to the ‘climate sceptics’. Atmospheric Overheating is as real as the other effects of extractive activities driven by the prime directive of capitalism, the personal, private accumulation of wealth. The abolition of the capitalist prime directive is the first mandatory step in healing our belovèd living Earth of whom we are her children. Then, the real work begins. Anything else is, as you say, only reshuffling deck chairs on the Titanic. Thanks again, Jonathan.

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I made a comment after I 'attempted' to read his article, which seemed to meander - apparently trying to reach some ultimate truth but not really getting there. I've written extensively about the climate crisis on here. This is one of the earlier articles I put out https://shadowlightblog.substack.com/p/last-climate-tango-in-paris

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The sad reality is Climate Change has nothing to do with human beings. This planet has been through more than one Ice Age before humans ever existed. The planet is still coming out of the last Ice Age. Geology is Science, not opinion.

Unfortunately most adults on this planet are insanely intoxicated with opinion, and woefully ignorant of Logic. Most operate from popular Sciolism & disingenuous virtue-signaling ego on a daily basis. Common intellectually-laziness is the norm, and most want to mix Climate Change with human activity because they 'believe' humans can control everything, do anything, and are accountable for everything that happens on planet Earth. They even project themselves as the image of a God that is responsible for all that happens on Earth and throughout the cosmos... it's the definition of delusional insanity! That's the common Logical fallacy - Humans are capable of anything, and are made in God's image - it's repugnant that our world operate on the bullshit Circular Reasoning of lesser idiots.

The existence of Human Beings, and all other living organisms on planet Earth is Natural & all are subject to Nature not God. We evolved right here on Earth. We are as much a product of Nature, as a stone, a tree, or the Wind, and our actions are a a response to our environment & the direct consequence of our existence - no different than any other animal or thing that exists on planet Earth. Fortunately we have Science that proves this with absolute Logical Certainty. Opinions be damned.

Opinion is not Logic. Logic is not opinion - opinion is moot-point. Therein lies the rouse... To many opinions that are arrogantly-ignorant of Logic. Truth is a function of Logic, not opinion - even when you're not cognitively capable of understanding the inherent fallacy of opinion.

Like most without education in Economics/Political Science you use the term "Capitalism" in a context demonstrably nescient of the difference between Fascist Cronyism, and Capitalism. Here in the U.S. Capitalism has not since abandoning the Articles of Confederation upon which this Nation was lawfully Founded. It is the United States Constitution and the creation of a Federal Government that established the United States of America as a Federation of Sovereign States instead of a Confederation of Sovereign States. I presume that readers know the difference.

The POLITICAL issue of Climate Change is irrefutably a money grab manipulation mostly profiting the Fossil Fuel industry and the greedy opportunist looking to capitalize on the opportunity created by the controversy. The "Green New Deal" here in the U.S. serves as prefect example. So is the idea of "Carbon Credits". Nonetheless, Government will never do anything but make this contemptuous controversy of ignorance worse.

Government does not solve problems... Government responds to problems Government creates and then pats themselves on the back, telling us how great they are! Government is the pathetic delusion cowardly humans of lesser intelligence cling to like a security blanket... and then fancy themselves elite intelligencia for creating such delusional constructs, antithetical of Logic & Reason - like Representative Government.

Before Benito Mussolini invented 'Fascism' leading up to WWII, we had Federalism here in the United States. It served, and still serves the same function - government regulation of the economy and that is NOT Capitalism and it never has been. Capitalism only exists in a free 'unregulated' Market. Government regulation of the economy is CRONYISM not Capitalism.

The pathetic truth is this - Government created this problem. Imbeciles of Government perpetuate/antagonize the problem to this very day. All who expect feckless idiots of Government to do anything but make it worse, while expanding Government power and authority beyond what it is LAWFULLY authorized/capable, and filling their pockets with $$$$ is a GD fool.

Socially, popular Sciolism of Climate Change has existed longer than I have, and yet not ONE single Climate Alarm prediction has ever materialized in my 62 years on this planet. The planet has NOT warmed outside of what is expected based on the Geologic record of the planet. The Oceans have not risen or flooded out New York City, or any other city for that matter. The Polar Ice Caps have not melted. The Ozone still exists. The magnetic Poles have not reversed... NADA, ZIP, ZILCH, NOTHING. Every BS scenario laid out in Al Gore's moronic uncomfortable truth - has turned out to be uncomfortable BS!

Government is feckless, virtue-signaling egotistical incompetence served up by delusional, feckless, virtue-signaling, egotistical, narcissistic, incompetent's operating on self-interest of fame/glory! Everything about Representative Governance is absurdly idiotic contradictions of Logic/Reason... Only a puerile fool can believe any of it. We can thank Representative Government for Climate controversy! We can thank Representative Government for Pollution! We can thank Representative Government for the depletion and mismanagement of Natural Resources! We can thank Government for the extinction of animals, due to loss of habitat, and food.

But here's a very real truth about being responsible about Climate Change... End the Commercial Fishing Industry! That would be a huge step in the right direction.

Can you personally stop supporting Commercial Fishing? Ending the Commercial Fishing would be the single greatest thing we can do for our planet and yet it's a taboo topic in this puerile controversy.

Until people get intelligent about this and focus on the Logic of Science alone and leave out all the opinion, and imbeciles of Government, Climate Change will only divide us - As intended by agents of Representative Government.

Government only serves to make Government a permanent fixture in our lives. The scum of Government intentionally divide us and create problems in order to have perpetual problems to solve.

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Yes, yes and yes. An insightful article. Personally, I’m tired of the deception, self-deception and spin around this topic. The lies/fairytales get worse in step with the extreme weather. This includes people who should know better, like the New Scientist. See my latest post:


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