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Israel was in possession of Hamas' Oct 7th jail break plan a full year before.

The entire political/intelligence/military leadership read Hamas' plan.

Israel recognized that Hamas' written plan for Oct 7th could not succeed without Israel's help.

Several months before Oct 7th Israel limited access to the information gained from monitoring Hamas' hand-held radio network to a select few insiders.

Israel claims that they stopped monitoring Hamas' hand-held radio network altogether, no one was monitoring (nonsense!). With this monitoring, sophisticated equipment could have pin pointed where Hamas was concentrated and where it was headed. This is huge! Also, Hamas radio traffic would have become volcanic during the jail break, a true Red Alert.

Of course they have to make the excuse that they no longer had this ability. They claim their surveillance was sabotaged by Hamas and thus Israel was blinded, though, with the push of a few buttons Israel could have disabled the surveillance themselves. Also, the destruction by Hamas of key surveillance cameras itself would set off a Red Alert!

In the weeks and months before Oct 7th Israel had to intentionally ignore the alerts being sounded by border watchers.

They had to give a thumbs-down to written reports by intelligence officers

warning of an imminent Oct 7th (this happened!).

They had to ignore that Hamas had been trying to lull them into complacency (Hamas had detailed in writing how they would cause complacency. It was in the Hamas Oct 7th plans, and Israel read them).

******They had to remove the vast majority of the IDF troops surrounding Gaza just in time for Oct 7th.****** This was paramount, if Israel wanted Oct 7th to be successful!

Once the jail break was under way support troops had to be delayed for hours. (They refuse to explain

why this happened, stating that they will "investigate" only after Hamas is defeated.)

They had to implement the Hannibal Directive in order to achieve maximum civilian casualties.

The confluence of too many huge failures and too many horrible decisions

to be a credible accident, it was premeditated.

Israel betrayed and slaughtered their own and then commenced to commit Genocide.

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"IDF Allowed Rave Later Attacked by Hamas Despite Key Officer's Concern"

"During the days preceding the massacre, the system had received warnings that Hamas would try to attack on Israeli soil. The information was based on several sources who noticed alarming preparations by Hamas personnel, as well as intelligence that raised the concern growing among various security figures.

Haaretz has not been able to verify whether Lt. Col. Fogel was aware of this intelligence, or whether his opposition to the event was related to it.

Then came Oct. 7. Hours before the terror attack, the security establishment received signs and warnings leading to its decision to prepare – if only partially – for a terrorist incursion. But no IDF officer updated the thousands of revelers or the rave organizers of the fear of an attack, or demanded that they break up the party and leave the area."

Recalling that Israel had been in possession of Hamas' detailed plans for Oct 7th and they had it nearly a full year before Oct 7th. Detailed. Israel knew the Rave was in the danger zone, but the Rave was relocated to within 3 miles of the Gaza wall. People in Gaza could hear the Rave taking place.

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