Al Jazeera's ' The Labour Files' investigative series is the most crushed media story involving the UK I've witnessed. It's akin, in magnitude, to the Biden laptop scandal with the caveat that the latter story is now free, Al Jazeera's isn't. The UK is as captured as dog by a whistle.

Podcast: https://player.fm/series/al-jazeera-investigates

Video: https://www.youtube.com/@aljazeeraenglish/search?query=labour%20files

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Excellent article. The problem as I see it, is the hierarchy of racism that prioritises Judeaphobia over all other prejudices. Two point can be made here:firstly, much of this can be attributed to European guilt for the many pogroms, culminating in the nazi holocaust ; secondly, Jews in Europe and the zionist colonisers are white. Thus ironically , in the action of prioritising white zionist Jews, liberal commentators and politicians are revealing their own racism

What needs to happen is to ditch the term antisemitism. It's not only heavily loaded but also inaccurate. Jews are not a race. Judeaphobia is a more accurate term for such bigotry.

In the global south, no such guilt is apparent and, therefore, they see straight through all the zionist can't. In South Africa, for example, Isreal is seen as a rogue, apartheid state.

Corbyn and his supporters mistake was to respond to the witch hunt by trying to prove negative.

We need to cut the collective guilt trip.

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The hypocrisy of British politicians has no limits. Prime Minister Sunak's excuse that he couldn't vote in Parliament to indict Johnson because he had to have a cup of tea and cakes with a particular charity members is an other sign of 'the power of governing in Britain lies somewhere else!'

Once again, thank you Jonathan for your deeper reflection of what lies in the evil pit.

I would be very interested to know how you interpret the emerging conflict between the current Israeli government and the Israel lobby in the US and what impact it may have on next year's US elections?


your explication on the book 'The Palestinian Laboratory' by Anthony Loewenstein

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Weaponized racism has been part and parcel of the Palestinian arsenal for decades. Have a problem with Palestinian use of child soldiers and human shields? Well, according to Diana Buttu, you're "racist."

What goes around, comes around.

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I had reached the conclusion from having both Palestinian colleagues and friends and Jewish friends who had returned from living in Israel long enough to become Israeli citizens, but who could not stomach Israel's racist policies against the Palestinians. It is shameful that so many Americans as well as British can not tell the difference between real antisemitism and opposition to Zionist ideology.

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Now that antisemitism has morphed to mean anti-Israel, classic antisemitism — the Jew-hating kind — has been relegated and has lost much of its descriptive potency.

In other words, the fact that the Zionists and their supporters have successfully changed the meaning of the word means that whenever classic-antisemitism is mentioned in the context of a classic-antisemitic incident, and not, say, by expression of support for Palestine, its impact is naturally diminished.

This is yet another example of how the Zionists, through the primacy of their colonial project over the basic interests of the Jewish diaspora, are effectively aligned with classic antisemites and supportive of their antisemitic cause. This is directly derived from the inherent classic-antisemitism of the Zionists themselves, as epitomised through the concept of the *Negation of the Diaspora*.

Or, as the somewhat tongue-in-cheek saying goes, *is a guy in a pub saying that all the Jews should leave and go to Israel, a Zionist, an antisemite, or both?*

Anyone who reads the history of the early Zionists, including during the Jewish holocaust, can see that classic-antisemitism is a significant undercurrent of Zionism and has resulted in actual intentional harm to Jewish communities in the diaspora to further the Zionist colonial project.

One example of the many is the attacks on the Jewish community in Iraq orchestrated and executed by Zionist agents to facilitate their removal to Israel. There are plenty of others.

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What is a Semite? Anyone who speaks a Semitic Language.

Coptic, Aramaic, Arabic, Hebrew, etc. Basically all the languages of the Levant are Semitic Languages, ergo all the people of the Levant and Coptic speaking Egyptian's are Semites. Semitism is NOT about Jews at all. It's about the Language of the Jews. As well as the Language of Palestinians.

Semitism is a Linguistic reference not an Anthropological reference. Opinion is moot-point!

The word 'antisemitism' - is silly Logically falacious nonsense of Language. Those who use this word as a pejorative for those critical of Israel/Zionism/Jews only elucidate the pseudointellectual arrogance of their own ignorance.

As Semites themselves, it is not possible for any Palestinian to be "antisemitic", even if it were possible to be "anti" Language at all! This is just another demonstration of PC/Woke pseudointellectualism and vacuous sophistry of Language.

This word is as asinine as Nazi. NAZI is an acronym of the abbreviation N.A.Z.I. of High German for "National Socialist German Workers Party". The National Socialist German Workers Party was internationally outlawed at the Nuremberg Trials following WWII. The "National Socialist German Workers Party" does not exist anywhere in the world as result... And yet silly idiots still call themselves "Nazi's" and equally gullible fools believe them.

Nobody is above criticism.

If you say "gullible" slow enough, it sounds like "antisemitism"...

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Antisemitism is not the only silly word around. Nevertheless, it means Jew hatred, and now, anti-Israel.

The claim that people speaking a Semitic language (which is what a Semite is) cannot be antisemitic is untrue, simply because regardless of what language one speaks, one can be an antisemite. Trying to change the meaning of the word antisemite into "one who hates speakers of Semitic languages" is doomed to failure and pointless.

Words mean what they do. End of.

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I would like to apologize. I made clear axiomatic Propositional Statements on the assumption of a universal understanding of the immutable axioms of Propositional/Predicate Logic, upon which all Language operates. Perhaps that was poor assumption, given the incongruent response replete with the intellectually-lazy puerility of Logical fallacy?

I'm sorry, but I'm not sorry if you don't understand the Logic upon which Language operates. Nobody can understand it for you, and neither inarticulate arrogantly-ignorant opinion contrary to objective Logic, nor popular sciolism is a substitute for knowledge/understanding.

Even if you cannot comprehend the axiom - 'Knowledge is dependent upon immutable axioms of objective Logic', it remains a Logically certain Propositional Statement. Your individual autonomous understanding or opinion is not requisite of the Truth Value for any Propositional Statement. Logic doesn't operate on opinion. 2 + 2= 4 no matter what you think. The "Algebra of Statements" exists no matter if you are aware or not. Reality exists regardless of delusion.

Without the immutable axioms of Propositional/Predicate Logic, knowledge itself would not exist, because Language/communication would not exist. Only useless incomprehensible nonsensical gibberish would exist.

FTR - Logic/Reason originate in the Mind. The Human Condition itself is a function of the Mind. Language is a Logic function of Cognition. Your understanding is not requisite of Truth. Furthermore, reading/writing without clear demonstrable understanding of Language/Logic is self-evident of the reading/writing skill demonstrated. Knowledge/intelligence cannot be faked, because it's axiomatic of the Language/Logic demonstrated.

It's axiomatic of your response you're lacking requisite understanding of Linguistics, Logic, & Language. Words are not what you imagine them to be. Logic is not what you imagine it to be. Reality is not what you imagine it to be!

Language is a function of Cognitive Logic - not opinion. Opinion is an inherently subjective 'context' of Language. Opinion is objectively Logical only as an immutable 'subjective' context of Human Speech. Propositional Statements on the other hand are an objectively 'Objective' context of Language operating upon immutable 'objective' axioms of Propositional/Predicate Logic. Knowledge of the axioms and an 'understanding' is not requisite of this axiomatic Truth. Opinion is moot-point, no matter how many times asserted as fact, or how eloquently, or inarticulately stated. Sophistry is inherent fallacy.

The word 'antisemitism' as a pejorative for "hating" Jews is axiomatic Sophistry, because it's axiomatic nonsense of Logic/Language. Semite is a Linguistic reference it has no meaning outside the study of Language/Linguistics therefore using it to invent a word that singularly represents a specific Religious denomination or Theocracy (Judaism/Zionism) is a Syllogistic fallacy.

In case you are also unfamiliar with the Human genome project - Jews are not a separate Race. They are ethnically Caucasian. Judaism is a Religion, not a Race. Zionism is a theocracy not a Race or Religion. The State of Isreal did not exist outside Biblical (Judeo-Christian) mythology before 1948.

Logic is not opinion - opinion is not Logic is an axiom of Language. Even if you don't have sufficient capacity to understand.

The word 'Semite' is now and always has been a Linguistic reference and never has been an Anthropological reference for Race/Genetics. Opinion is moot-point - even if you don't comprehend. Opinions do not change immutable axioms of Logic. Opinion does not change facts. Opinion does not change anything. All opinion does is demonstrate the ignorance of the opining.

Just because some undereducated halfwit started using "antisemite" as a pejorative for criticism of Jews, Isreal, and/or Zionism doesn't make it true - no matter how many equally gullible fools believe it to be rational. Stupid is as stupid does Forest Gump.

Whether you like it or not, or are incapable of comprehending - Palestinians ARE SEMITES. Coptic speaking Egyptians are SEMITES. ANYONE who speaks a Semitic Language is a Semite! Neither your opinion, nor the opinions of millions just as ignorant, change this axiom of Language. It is utterly absurd nonsense of Language to call Semitic (Arab speaking) Palestinians "antisemitic"! No matter how many 'Circular Reasoning' fallacies used to convince yourself otherwise. The quickest way to prove you don't understand Logic is to assume you can fake it.

The word 'antisemitism' is nonsense of Logic & Language even if you're not intelligent enough to understand why! Opinion is moot-point, even if you're psychologically dysfunctional and believe your opinions define reality.

Hebrew is not the only Language of the Jews. What about German Jews?

Their native Language is Yiddish! Yiddish is a Germanic Language not a Semitic Language. German Jews are not and never have been Semites! Opinion is moot-point.

If you say "gullible" loud enough, and slow enough, it sounds just like 'antisemitism'.

Using Circular Reasoning to assert an argument is amateur intellectually-lazy puerility. Believing the Logical fallacy is tragic comedy.

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Eileen W. Dear Jonathan thank you for your very important reports. Keep on doing what your doing. Bit by bit you and all other investigative journalists are reaching more and more people. Those people are having their eyes opened. This is incredibly important for a tipping point to be reached world saving decisions to be made.

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Most of the people who claim that individuals who criticize Israel are antisemetic know that this is not true. This is just a tactic to stop and invalidate the criticism or as in the case of the Labor Party to remove someone who don’t like. As a Jew I do not feel that a person who criticizes Israel hates me. If this was true it would mean that Israel in some way represents me which it does not.

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Jul 4, 2023Liked by Jonathan Cook

This is a first rate resume of the growth of the phoney anti-semitism campaign. I remember meeting you in Nazareth when I was on a study tour with the Campaign Against House Demolitions. I will share this article. Thankyou for what you do. I am a pensioner and cannot afford to subscribe to any more paid sites or organisations but some of those I forward this to can and will.

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Jul 4, 2023Liked by Jonathan Cook

Excellent as always!

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Interestingly, Ken Loach initially supported me, when I became the first trade unionist to be expelled (from the GMB) for criticising Israel, then threw me under the bus when the GMB leant on him. Now he too has been expelled from Labour.

The rot has spread to our national youth organisation. I have been treasurer of our local scout group for the past 11 years but was expelled last week... for chairing www.onepalestine.land - which campaigns against bogus antisemitism and calls for the peaceful dissolution of Israel.

I am planning to petition Chief Scout Bear Grylls to tell the Scout Association to drop their support for apartheid Israel. Failing that, he should transfer his allegiance to the Woodcraft Folk.

Well, you have to try, don't you?

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Absolute truth to the very core of the issue! Every word the exact truth that has condemned the truth sayers to be labelled "Anti-Semitic". The truth of this shows how utterly disgusting people can be and how easily they can be bought. This tactic is used by all the criminals whenever they feel threatened by truth. Always distract by attacking the truth sayer, never mention a word in regards to the truth and all the empty heads will fall in line to repeat the simple buzzwords that got their attention. Unfortunately this is no longer limited to just words but images also as shown a Swastika by General Flynn the name is all they see not the image!

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Quite perfect crystal clear thank you.With the UK judiciary compromised, the MSM silenced and the Mother of Parliaments effectively impotent where to go one asks. The situation for Palestinians worsens by the minute and will continue to do so maybe for many months even years but there is a difference and this means there is hope. The windows closed for so long are opening .There is access to archives books are being written ,conferences take place .soldiers break the silence at great personal cost Israelis in Israel are speaking out and the wrong sort of Jews are being heard - it is all painfully slow but it is happening.

60 yrs ago I went while on a kibbutz , for a walk and picked some flowers.I walked into the doning room to be met with a chilling silence .The flowers are protected whispered a friend.To my shame it took far too many years to appreciate the irony the obsenity of the way the Israeli state has long chosen and continues to apply the word protected.Not for Palestinan men women,children ,houses schools, hospitals livestock olive trees etc but the world is getting the message.I recall the Berlin Wall going up and coming down. One day the monstrosity that snakes its way through historical Palestine will come down too if we keep fighting as the Palestinians so courageously do.

and writers like you keep the truth in the public domain.

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From Hawaii, USA (a bastion of settler-colonialism that, unfortunately, includes me as a resident of 51 years who brought his Japanese wife to multi-racial, "aloha" land as a refuge), I honor this JCook epitome of analytical-reportorial excellence as no less than "scintillating," "courageous," and "essential." May he persevere, overcome, and be known as "one who fought the good fight."

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Did you know that 1984 is advocating an authoritarian state?

Me neither. Which makes me wonder if Roger Waters' critics are just plain stupid or being deliberately disingenuous. They can at least vomit their bile onto Twitter, which suggests that the latter is the case.

The Wall is clearly not advocating fascism. If it was, Waters would more likely to be supportive of the apartheid Israeli regime, not agin it!

I always make it clear that being critical of Israel does not make me antisemitic. If the boot was on the other foot and Palestinians were oppressing Israelis, then I would be equally vociferous in standing up for Israeli rights.

While I cannot speak for anyone else, I feel confident that most, if not all, here would feel the same way. It's not about picking an ethnicity to hate, it's about solidarity with the oppressed.

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Like Golda Meir said about peace between Israelis arabs: If rhe arabs put down their weapons today, there would be peace tomorrow. If we put down our arms today, tomorrow there would be dead Jews. Inconvenient truth!!!

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Jul 5, 2023·edited Jul 5, 2023

This is a blatant fallacy, in this context. Israel is not "defending itself" with its arms. It is dispossessing, containing and expelling the Palestinians and colonising their land with their rabid-racist settlers. It does not seek survival or prosperity. It seeks an ethnically pure state in all of Palestine with as few Palestinians as possible.

In fact, the inverse is true — if Israel were to stop it racist-apartheid policies and seek coexistence and collaboration with the Palestinians it would become safer, less in need of arms and more prosperous.

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It was the arabs and not the Jews who refused to accept the original partition. If the arab world had succeeded in 1948 there would be no Israel. And they have never accepted a Jewish state and will never rest until it is destroyed. Then people like you will say "they had it coming".

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The Palestinians were within their rights to reject an imperialist plan that was arrived at without consulting them or their consent and was blatantly unfair and detrimental to them. No nation can be faulted for rejecting its own colonisation.

However, if Israel had wanted peace it could have achieved it quite easily, per the 2002 Arab Peace Plan. Sadly, it preferred to continue to occupy and colonise the OPT until today, when there is no solution possible except for an egalitarian state in all of Palestine. A.k.a. one state solution.

Israel only needs to "defend" itself because it is colonialist, expansionist entity that seeks to gain land at the expense of the indigenous Palestinians, expels them and seeks to keep those that remain in an apartheid regime. That is indefensible.

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You are quite knowledgeable compared to many. We must agree to disagree. I can only hope that the day will come when this issue no longer exists. I do not think I will live long enough to see it.

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That's a joke right!? The Palestinians have none of the military capabilities of the Israelis and have obviously enjoyed the peace the Israelis gave them you speak of here in full! Right down to the last bloody child in the carnage of Israeli peace.

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Why should I give a fuck about what Golda Meir has said, given the gross disparity between Israeli power and Palestinian subjugation that has increased since she was in office?

The reverse is true. Israelis, with their US subsidised arsenal, vastly out gun Palestinians, who have been turfed out of their homes by settlers, crammed into Gaza, have utilities disrupted by the Israeli government, are not given freedom of movement, have ancient olive groves grubbed up, and are generally treated like shit.

You conveniently leave all context out of Golda Meir's quote and treat it like some prophecy of the Bible, as though it was the infallible word of God.

I'm not interested in your pathetic defence of apartheid oppression.

Inconvenient truth, my arse


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