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Avatar makes us long to be Na’vi, while dooming us to remain murderous humans

How Netanyahu handed Ben-Gvir the gun to start an annexation war

How Ben-Gvir blows apart the ‘security’ story of Israel’s occupation

Baddiel’s hollow racism apology to Jason Lee

Why German state racism is now directed at the Palestinians

Cop27: The dirty secret Europe is hiding at the climate summit

Blocking roads isn’t crazy – It’s our last hope that sanity will prevail

Fascists in government won’t dent Western support for Israel

How the left became cheerleaders for US imperialism

Westerners live in denial, convinced they’re the good guys

Whenever it truly matters, from Assange to Corbyn, George Monbiot cripples the left

Can Europe afford to turn a blind eye to evidence of a US role in pipeline blasts?

Starmer isn’t cowed by voters. He’s afraid of the establishment

Truss' mauling is a sharp reminder that the City can bend any politician to its will

How Britain’s Labour party became a criminal conspiracy against its members

Keir Starmer is finally ahead in the polls – but at what cost?

Europe, more than Putin, must shoulder the blame for the energy crisis

The Queen and her legacy: 21st century Britain has never looked so medieval

Emily Maitlis is right about BBC bias – but for the wrong reasons

Don’t be fooled by the ‘noble lie’ we live in a democratic West

Those angry at Rushdie’s stabbing have been missing in action over a far bigger threat to our freedom

Why is Amnesty apologising for telling the truth about Ukrainian war crimes?

Contenders for Boris Johnson’s crown stress fealty to Israel

How the Pentagon dictates Hollywood storylines

Forde report is damning of the Labour right. Which is why it will be quickly buried

Forde Inquiry exposes Labour’s biggest problem: Keir Starmer

By making China the enemy, Nato is threatening world peace

How spooks and the establishment media are circling the wagons

A lemming leading the lemmings: Slavoj Zizek and the collapse of the anti-war left

If the media can probe Shireen Abu Akleh’s death, why not the murder of other Palestinians?

British 'watchdog' journalists unmasked as lap dogs for the security state

Israel calls the Nakba a lie. So why do its leaders threaten a second one?

Forget liberating Ukraine – We first need to liberate our minds

Russia-Ukraine war: George Bush’s admission of his crimes in Iraq was no ‘gaffe’

Keir Starmer has returned western imperialism to the core of Labour policy

Shireen Abu Akleh was executed to send a message to Palestinians

The persecution of Julian Assange

Elon Musk isn’t a threat to society’s health. All billionaires are

Israel’s fortress state is the model for the UK’s new asylum policy

Why Zelensky’s dream of Ukraine becoming 'big Israel' makes Moscow nervous

Liberals are adopting an old Soviet tactic: Painting opponents as mentally ill

Israel is stoking a civil war against its Palestinian citizens

Joe Biden has confirmed to Russia that the US really wants regime change

Palestine is a loud echo of Britain’s colonial past – and a warning of the future

Putin is a war criminal - and so was Madeleine Albright

Social media giants allow hate speech against Russia but silence Israel’s critics

The West’s hands in Ukraine are as bloody as Putin’s

Russia-Ukraine: Western media are acting as cheerleaders for war

Russia-Ukraine: A different invasion, the West’s same ‘madman’ script

Why is there uproar at the smearing of Starmer but not Corbyn?

As Trudeau cracks down, the left drives protesters into the right’s arms again

Didn't those enraged at Boris Johnson’s ‘smears’ of Starmer defame Corbyn at every turn?

Whoopi Goldberg, the Holocaust and real racists

Amnesty apartheid report: The walls protecting Israel are finally crumbling

Is it already too late to say goodbye?

Rachel Riley libel ruling is the latest judicial attack on political speech

Covid’s lesson: When anxious, isolated and hopeless, we’re less ready to think critically